Set Your Drink Down for The Drinking Buddies (Podcast)

There are a plethora of “comedian on comedian” shows/podcasts and even a handful that are good.  Marc Maron would almost seem to be at the top of the comedy insider mountain with the WTF Podcast, especially just having been featured in the NY Times, but I would suggest that perhaps you take a listen to an insider perspective from the ground floor on the Drinking Buddies Podcast with comedians Chris Adams and Jerry Brandt.

Both hard working comics trying to come up through the ultra-competitive Los Angeles comedy scene, Chris and Jerry take advantage of the podcast format, though its broadcast live on KBeach Radio at CSULB, with a very laid back, conversational approach, apropos to the name of the show, through floating between what happened to them in the past week, which may include how hilariously trashed Jerry got at Coachella or Chris’ continuing travails of working at a coffee shop, to having in-depth discussions about the art form and industry that is stand up comedy.  

Not only do they get nationally touring comedians such as Dana Gould or even the aforementioned Marc Maron, but they also have comedians/other drinking buddies on the show that gives a wonderful contrast between people that can do as they please with comedy and people who go night in and night out performing at whatever stage that will give them 5 minutes.  From this, one gets a wonderfully visceral sense of what the process of being a comedian entails as well as the sort of constitution it takes to pursue this creative path.  On a recent episode, they interviewed nationally touring comedian Todd Glass and Los Angeles darling comedienne Abbey Londer, which combined the tales of frustrations of performing stand up comedy on the road with the dissection of the various comedy clicks that exist within the massive Los Angeles comedy scene into a great portrait of what stand up comedy is right now in a way that other “comedy insider” podcasts fall short of.

With all of that being said, it’s just as much a fun listen as it is insightful through the playful banter between Chris and Jerry who are each other’s roommate, go back and forth with each other in the vastly entertaining way that only roommates can.  So, comedians and comedians fans alike, I highly recommend tuning into the Drinking Buddies every Wednesday at 10PM PST or download episodes here when they’re available or get it off iTunes.