Every few full moons, Trish Nelson assembles several of her favorite female performers, dons them a red hooded cloaks, and gives them the stage of the venerable Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for The Secret Society of the Sisterhood.

That time for another edition of The Secret Society of the Sisterhood is upon us, specifically Sept. 11th at 8PM, with a line-up of Jackie Fuchs, Mara Wilson, Cameron Esposito, Akilah Hughes, and Kay Hanley. As far as secret hooded ceremonies go, it’s very much our speed.

Tickets for The Secret Society of the Sisterhood are $20 and you can and should go get them here.

FYI, “a portion of our proceeds will go to WriteGirl, an organization that helps to lift and inspire young girls discover their talents and hone their voices through writing mentorships. writegirl.org”