TBS Shows Off Their New Look with New Dark Comedy Series “Search Party” Starring Alia Shawkat

Starting next year, TBS will have their “very funny” branding fading off into the distance in their rear view mirror. They’ve got a new snappy logo as well a Jason Jones sitcom and a Samantha Bee hosted late night talk show on deck.

Today, they unveiled their new series, Search Party from Charles Rogers and Sarah Violet Bliss, the folks behind the brilliant Fort Tilden, starring Alia Shawkat.

Charles and Sarah have a really great sense of how to examine millennials in an honest, raw sense without making it seem that they’re just doing a two-dimensional caricature of young people, so we’re excited to see what they’ve concocted in this show with their latest batch of self-obssessives, one of which is the great John Early, looking for a friend that’s gone missing.

Get a taste of Search Party as well as a glimpse of the new TBS logo (and a sense of the new and improved TBS) in this trailer.