Sean Patton Delivers Another Damn Fine Album with “Scuttlebutt”


Sean Patton is pretty much an unparalleled master of blending stories with riffing into beautiful flights of fancy. He has maintained such a status for us for several years now and, as such, his name really should be showing up way more when it comes to those “best of” lists and on the line-ups for specials at networks/streaming services. Set-by-set, Patton never fails to have us bust up laughing as he did with this latest hour.

Scuttlebutt, his brand new album and follow-up to the brilliant Standard Operating Procedure, furthers all such notions as Patton takes everyone down a winding river of his imagination and his deepest, most vulnerable parts of himself for some truly beautiful, wildly colorful comedy. As with any Sean Patton set, Scuttlebutt is a breathtaking, hysterical journey that you almost won’t believe you went on once it’s over.

So, go get Sean Patton’s Scuttlebutt, fresh off the presses from Helium Records here.