Pick of the Day: An Evening at the Haha Hole with Sara Schaefer (on Zoom) 9/23

At this side of the pandemic with a good deal of live, in-person comedy happening every night, the prospect of tuning into virtual comedy has to be something really special. Fortunately, Sara Schaefer’s night of stand-up done completely in miniatures at her beautifully crafted miniature comedy club “The Haha Hole” is very much that very, very special thing that’s worth going back on Zoom for.

Sara has another Evening at the Haha Hole lined up for this Thursday, Sept. 23rd via Nowhere Comedy on Zoom, with another dive into our conception of what a comedy club is or might be as well as some really great stand-up, performed in miniature of course, from the likes of Naomi Ekperigin, Danielle Perez, and Debra DiGiovanni.

Do not miss out on this one-of-a-kind virtual comedy show no matter where you are in the world. This edition of Evening at the Haha Hole is set for 9/23 at 6PM PT/9PM ET and tickets are $15. All the early bird tickets already sold out, so you best snag your tickets pretty soon.