Sacha Baron Cohen Teases His New Undercover Interview Show “Who Is America?” Coming to Showtime

Well, it turns out that Sacha Baron Cohen had gone deep into character yet again over the last year to shoot his latest show, but done so in a way that is being touted as “undercover”.

We’re guessing that being undercover is the only way he’d get to talk to Dick Cheney as shown in this teaser and tweet (in which Cheney apparently signs a “waterboard kit”). You’ll notice that Cohen has donned yet another voice, though we’re not quite sure what ridiculous get up he’s in this time and what satirical angle he’s playing.

What we do know is that the show is called Who Is America? and is going for a rather short season and it will actually be premiering on Showtime this Sunday, July 15th at 10PM. We’re guessing there will be some satire of Trump, though we’re curious to see if Cohen will bring something else that we haven’t seen yet from the mountains of content that has been made parodying the Trump Administration.

We’ll all have to wait and see this weekend.