Please Enjoy the Color and Pep in the Trailer for Upcoming UK Rom Com “Rye Lane”

It’s not often that you think about the color palate of a rom com. If you actual do think about it, you might note that it’s often, like the story itself, very basic. The exciting, festival-buzzy UK rom com Rye Lane is going to break up the dynamic along with introducing a whole set of UK folks that you ought to remember (including director Raine Allen-Miller, writers Nathan Bryon & Tom Melia, and stars Vivian Oparah and David Jonsson).

From the trailer for Rye Lane, you can see that this isn’t really like any rom com that you’ve seen in the last ten years and there’s a certain zest and snappiness that recalls, perhaps, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (minus all the video game and graphic novel elements).

Take a gander for yourself here, then look for it on Hulu come Fri. Mar. 31st.