So Here Are Some Clips of That “Roast Battle” That Everyone Keeps Talking About

If you haven’t been able to cram yourself into The Comedy Store’s Belly Room on late Tuesday nights, you have been missing out.

Brian Moses and Rell Battle have made one of LA’s truly hottest shows (just check LA Weekly and Vulture),  by pitting comics together a la a rap battle and have switched bars for roast jokes. 

Roast Battle is probably one of the best things The Comedy Store has had in a long time and it’s only a matter of time before it gets even more notoriety. Roastmaster General Jeff Ross has become a regular fixture on the show as a judge.

So, as many folks can’t get out to the Sunset Strip by midnight on a Tues., here are choice clips of some memorable past Roast Battles including:

Candice Thompson vs. Virginia Collins

Jamar Neighbors vs. Jesus Trejo

Sarah Tiana vs. Pete C

So far, they keep making “to watch” lists and have been to SXSW, Riot LA, and will go to the NY Comedy Fest