Please Get and Enjoy Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s “Someone Who Will Love You in All Your Damaged Glory”


If you are feeling like you’re missing new episodes of BoJack Horseman in your life or if you’re looking for stories about love, warts and all (figuratively and kind of literally), then you’ll want to go and pick up Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s latest work, a collection of short stories gloriously entitled Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory: Stories.

Once again, the BoJack Horseman creator balances emotional complexity in magically real, ridiculous scenarios such as trying to break tradition in planning a pagan wedding to beautifully comic effect in a handful of love stories (well, the sort of dark-tragically comedic love story that is Bob-Waksberg’s bread and butter).  

So, go get Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory: Stories, available in hardcover, on Kindle, and as an audiobook now.