Get a Load of the Rachel Dratch Curated “Late Night Snack” Coming to TruTV Tomorrow

Having short form in late night seems to be the order of the day for cable networks. Adult Swim has only grown bigger over the years, but the History channel has their Night Class and now, TruTV is showcasing short form content on Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack.

Get a taste, pun intended, of what Late Night Snack will have to offer, as picked by the one and only Rachel Dratch, with this prank Screen Test, a sketch from one of our longtime favorites, Lost Moon Radio, and a music video from NYC’s Austin Martinez dedicated to pretending to sleep.

If you’re more than intrigued like we are, watch the premiere of Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack this Thursday, Mar. 3rd at 11PM on TruTV.