Comedy Central Quadruples Down on Political/Topical Comedy Front with “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper”, a “Goatface” Sketch Special, Extending “The Jim Jefferies Show” and “The President Show”

Comedy Central announced a bunch of things today, many of which show where the cable network is setting their sails for. The prevailing winds are political and topical satire and, as such, Comedy Central will: 

Have The President Show take over the midnight slot from @midnight on September 28th for an additional 7 episodes
Position “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper” as the new companion to The Daily Show, starting September 25th, that will specifically satirize the world that folks like Alex Jones see/”artistically express”
Give an hour long sketch comedy special to Goatface Comedy, a group comprised of Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show), Asif Ali (Wrecked), Fahim Anwar (There’s No Business Like Show Business), and Aristotle Athiras that satirizes everything from their unique perspectives
Extend The Jim Jefferies Show for ten more episodes, which will begin on September 19th after a few weeks off.

As Netflix, FX, and HBO continue to dominate in the original scripted comedy and stand-up, Comedy Central is, consequently, putting a lot of their chips down on topical/political comedy and satire.

Hopefully, this will work out for them and all of these shows/specials just like it has for Colbert in being the late night leader as the most politically outspoken big time late night host.