Pick of the Day: Pregame! (in NYC) NYE

If you’re in NYC for New Year’s Eve, you’ve got, perhaps, too many options that all sounds oh so enticing. After all, there is only so ground you can cover between countdowns leading up to the ball dropping (or, rather, slowly being lowered) in Times Square.

Littlefield in Brooklyn is affording you the opportunity to get in a great comedy show, Pregame!, at a more than nice price before you really get going to a several stops for your NYE’s (unless you’re doing the thing where you stand for hours on end in the middle of Times Square). Starting at the early hour of 7PM, you can enjoy the comedy stylings of Josh Sharp, Aparna Nancherla, Jordan Carlos, Joe Castle Baker, Natalie Rotter-Laitman and Richard Perez, then have plenty of time to galavant across whatever boroughs your heart desires (or go in for the $60 VIP package that gets you into Parklife’s afterparty).

Tickets for Pregame! are only $15.54 (versus some of the close to triple figure admission fees you might right into elsewhere in town) and you really ought to get in on this deal here.