Please Watch and Revel in the Beautiful Humor of Jenny Slate: Stage Fright


Jenny Slate is pure magnetism in such a beautiful, magical way in this very first (which is almost unbelievable given her body of work up until now) hour special Stage Fright and it’s almost as if this special is the sort of platform that Jenny has been ready to take on for quite some time.

Slate’s mere presence is crackling with energy, even before she gets into her myriad of fantastical voices/characters/impressions, and we found ourselves truly entranced by her performance on Stage Fright. The vignettes she presents of her life, whether it be on stage, in a candid interview with family, or via home videos, really make Slate shine even in her vulnerable moments discussing her relation to the name of this special. Also, she just might have more candor than we’ve seen recently with all the deep observations on her life and what she’s willing to share and Stage Fright is all the more powerful for it.

There is a certain mastery of “being in the moment” that flows throughout her entire performance here. Even though this all material that has been worked out to a certain degree, Jenny truly makes this hour feel alive and like you’re seeing something, well, special.

Go see it for yourself as Jenny Slate: Stage Fright is streaming on Netflix as of today.