Pick of the Day: Brent Weinbach: Popular Culture Taping (in LA) 6/29

Brent Weinbach has proven time and time again that he’s at the forefront of the art of comedy and he’s about to do so again at the end of this month.

The comedian who conjured up comedic brilliance by impersonating an audience member crying or coming up with Gangster Party Line or perfecting what very much seems like conducting a comedy laboratory on stage, but it all go exactly according to plan is recording his very next special. Weinbach will be taping Popular Culture at UCB Franklin on Saturday, June 29th at 7PM and 9:30PM. Tickets for the early show are already sold out, but you can still snag some late show tickets if you act fast and have $15 on you (which, for this, you should).

Go get ’em here.