Pick of the Day: BBC World Service Presents Comedians vs. the News (in NYC) 3/8

The panel show, often comprised of comedians weighing in on the news, is a time honored institution in the UK, bringing many of the UK’s biggest comedians their first bit of exposure. Outside of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and Chelsea Lately (and maybe @midnight?), there hasn’t been the same sort of fervor for comedians giving their several cents on the pressing topics of the day in America as it has been across the pond.

We’re not sure why it hasn’t caught on quite as much (now would be an even more perfect time for Tough Crowd in our opinion), but that shouldn’t deter comedians riffing over the news. If you need some sugar to have some of the very hard tasting medicine that the news has been for the last several years (and want something other than the feel good factory that was John Krasinski’s Some Good News or the same old set-up punch sort of monologue jokes), you might want to take advantage of any American comedian news panel show.

Lucky for you, BBC World Service is having that very thing happen under the moniker Comedians vs. The News with the astounding comedy power couple that is Jess Salomon and Eman El-Husseini and guests (and also very funny comedy people) Josh Gondelman and Zarna Garg taking on whatever is wreaking havoc on the world at the moment.

Catch this Comedians vs. The News in person at the Greene Space in NYC on Tues. Mar. 8th at 7PM ET. Tickets are free, but you better RSVP before they run out right here.