Pick of the Day: Petey DeAbreu: Bodega N-Word, Supermarket World. (in NYC) 4/15

One of the most dynamic, captivating stand-ups that NYC has it, without a doubt, Petey DeAbreu. Simultaneously a poet of the five boroughs and just a hysterical comedian, DeAbreu’s charming rambunctiousness plays to raucous laughter and applause pretty much wherever we see him, no matter who is on the line-up or how the show is going.

It has been a minute since you’ve probably gotten a chance to see him do an extended set (as he is such in high demand at all the choice shows throughout NYC and beyond), but you’ll get to see him do an entire hour next month on Apr. 15th at Union Hall at 10PM ET (maybe it’ll make up for it being tax day?). Tickets are only $15 right now and we highly suggest snagging them right now as space is limited.