Pete Davidson, Colin Jost, Paul Italia Go in on a Decommissioned Ferry to Open Up a Live Venue

(via NBC News)

Both hailing from SNL and Staten Island, Pete Davidson and Colin Jost just won an auction for a decommissioned ferry boat that would sail to, you guessed it, Staten Island. They paid just a few smidges over a quarter of a million dollars along with the co-founder of The Stand comedy club, Paul Italia.

The idea here is that they’ll make a venue on the ferry, though whether the 277 ft. John F. Kennedy, which was decommissioned because of mechanical issues, will actually be a venue that floats in and around NYC or stays permanently docked remains to be seen.

In either case, Davidson, Jost, and Italia will open up another space for comedy, music, and other performances to happen, which is great news considering what COVID-19 has done to NYC live spaces in the last two years. Details as to the name or when they might open have yet to be announced, but we’d be surprised if Staten Island didn’t figure into the name of their club somehow.