Pick of the Day: Pen Pals Podcast LIVE! on Zoom 8/28

One of the most calming, reassuring, life affirming, and  podcasts that we’ve enjoyed pre- and during this pandemic (and will undoubtedly enjoy well after all of this is over) is Pen Pals. The duo of Daniel Van Kirk and Rory Scovel answering letters genuinely, though, often, with a very healthy dose of silliness is a refreshing break from everything.

For those have yet go to #F2F, you should really get into the podcast here (you’re going to want to start from the beginning if you want to know what #F2F is and, more importantly, get a chance to get in line and go #RRGT).

In any case, you really ought to enjoy the camaraderie, community, and mirth in a live-over-Zoom version of Pen Pals that will be happening Fri. Aug. 28th at 6PM PT/9PM ET. You can (and very much should) RSVP here to get specific instructions on purchasing tickets.