The Pack Theater Is Coming Back Next Month! (and Is Accepting Submission for Live Shows)

Pre-pandemic, you could often find us more than once a week at tiny, but mighty comedy venue known as The Pack Theater. Founded by legendary improviser Miles Stroth, it was a great place for in-betweeners, experimenters, risk-takers, and comedy folks who had that DIY/punk rock spirit to what they wanted to do in the art form. That really resonated with us, which is why we ended up catching some of our favorite shows there as well as coming on board to produce the micro-short-form variety show, Speedface.

That’s why we’re overjoyed to hear that The Pack survived all the way to this side of the pandemic, especially being one of the pioneering venues when it came to transitioning to virtual comedy, and they’re going to reopen for in-person shows back in Hollywood starting next month.

In fact, they’re accepting pitches for new shows right now.

Think about/keep the following in mind when considering applying:

-Slots will be available on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights with the possibility of having a Saturday night slot as well.

-All applications will go to the Artistic Committee for evaluation. We are especially interested in shows that come from BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and all traditionally marginalized voices.

We are looking for the the following types of shows including, but not limited to:

-Stand Up shows (roast shows, open mics, booked shows with a hook)
-Improv based shows with a hook or theme
-Variety shows
-One-off shows to be featured on 5th weeks (one person shows and comedic theater type shows welcomed)
-And of course the random weird wtf shows that we love at the Pack

If interested, read up more and apply here.

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