Rhys Darby Is Your New Favorite Pirate in Teaser for “Our Flag Means Death”

Year and years ago, back when Johnny Depp was mostly scandal free, the world fell in love with him as Jack Sparrow, a free-wheeling, fun loving pirate at the heart of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

Of course, on this of 2022, things are much different and Depp doesn’t curry the same sort of a favor with his movies (or his band Hollywood Vampires). Fret not though as there is a new fun loving set of pirates on the horizon that could very well take place of the slot that everyone held for the Disney adaptation of their famous ride.

Our Flag Means Death from David Jenkins (People of Earth) will have the very lovable pairing of Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi play real life pirates Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard, respectively. Bonnet, though nowhere near as famous as Blackbeard, ditched his life as an aristocrat for the high seas and a black flag and ought to be a damn good time with Rhys Darby bringing him to life in this series. Also, this would mark Taika’s second time as a famous villain, previously playing Hitler in Jojo Rabbit and now, the infamous Blackbeard.

Get a taste of what all that comedic piracy will be like with this teaser here.

That should be enough for you to make sure you have HBO Max when Our Flag Means Death drops. In case it’s not, know that Leslie Jones will also be showing up in this historical pirate comedy to, of course, regulate.