Sofia Coppola Taps Bill Murray Once More and Rashida Jones for Latest, “On The Rocks”

One of Sofia Coppola’s breakout works in her filmography is Lost in Translation that also ended being one of the more iconic roles for Murray following a career of iconic roles. Thusly, it wouldn’t be the only the twain should collaborate on something. Coppola ended up doing a Christmas special a few years ago centered around Bill Murray, A Very Murray Christmas, which was a definite departure from Murray wandering as one of the most famous people in the world in Tokyo. Now, Coppola’s latest film, On The Rocks, pairs Bill Murray with Rashida Jones for a father-daughter dramedy that follows a marriage between Jones and Marlon Wayans that might be exemplary of the title.

From the trailer, it would seem that there’s some sort of continuation of some spiritual/emotional arc of Murray’s Bob Harris from Lost In Translation with Murray’s role here; a quest for redemption via preventing similar mistakes that he made with love from happening again. It might be far fetched to call it a spiritual sequel, but it’s undeniable that there’s a niche that both Coppola and Murray fill in for each other. Throwing the comedic nuances of Rashida Jones and Damon Wayans (seemingly in more low key role than usual) makes for an atypical love triangle we’d really like to see.

Look for yourself in the trailer here.

On The Rocks is set to come out on Apple TV + in October.