Jeff Wysaki, under his alias of Obvious Plant, has been making splendid fake toys and signs for the delight of the Internet for quite some time now.

For the first time ever (if you’re in LA in March), you’ll be able to see the “obvious plants” in person at a pop-up exhibition Obvious Plant’s Museum of Toys in Mid-City at Start LA.

More than a hundred toys and games will be on display and most likely crowd your social media feeds for how subversively kitschy they all are. Opening night, which happens to be free, has already sold out, but you can attend on other days for $10 and each night offers something different.

Schedule is as follows:

March 1st (7-11pm) Opening Night. Free Entry. RSVP required.
March 2nd (12-9pm) Poorly Drawn Lines Pop-Up
March 3rd (12-9pm) Everything is Terrible Pop-Up
March 4th Free Toy Day. The first 50 guests receive an exclusive Obvious Plant toy with museum entrance. Toy not available anywhere else.
March 5th Half-Price Day
March 6th (8-9pm) Artist Q&A with Obvious Plant creator, Jeff Wysaski
March 7th Robin Eisenberg Pop-Up
March 8th (8-9pm)  Panel Discussion – Making Art for the Internet with @SketchShark, @TeenageStepdad and @paperbackparadise
March 9th (12pm-6pm) Bob Baker Marionette Theater Pop-Up and Puppet Performances
March 10th (12-9pm) Oddly Weird Shop Pop-Up
March 11th Free Toy Day. The first 50 guests receive an exclusive Obvious Plant toy not available anywhere else.
March 12th Half-Price Day
March 13th (8-9pm) Board Game Night. Stand-up comedians Andrew Michaan, Brent Weinbach and friends play the board game Chameleon in front of you, the audience!
March 14th Steve Wars Day. Steve Wars character performances and free entry if your name is Steve.
March 15th Gelatin Art Display. Musician/Artist Jarina De Marco encases a bunch of toys in Jello!
March 16th Secret Walls Art Competition (ticket sold separately)
March 17th (6-9pm) Closing Party

You can (and very much should) get your tickets here.

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