Norman Lear Has Contemplated a Reboot of “All in the Family”

(via Deadline)

At 92 years old, the legendary Norman Lear may be bringing his transformative sitcom “All in the Family” back to television.

While being interviewed by Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, he revealed that he has toyed with the idea that a reboot of the show might center on a Latino family this time around. In fact, it was Sony Pictures TV  that was asking about possibility of this All in the Family reboot happening with Lear.

While there are no more details as to how and when this would all happen if it were to even happen (Lear seemed to be leaning towards not making much more than conjecture), the thought of All in the Family and Norman Lear mixing in with the current crop of family sitcoms is an enticing one. Maybe he’ll talk about this a little more when he’s on Letterman tonight.