Norm MacDonald Memoir “Based on a True Story” Coming Out in 2016

(via Deadline)

Just based on title alone, it’s kind of an appropriate follow-up to Me Doing Stand-Up.

If there’s someone that’s got a hell of a story for a memoir, it’s comedian Norm MacDonald. Norm is almost as known with his back-and-forth relationship with the entertainment biz as he is for being downright funny. 

Random House’s Spiegel & Grau is set to publish Based on a True Story in 2016 and it will indeed track the roller coaster of a career that Norm has had. 

Though the title just might be ironic, we wonder if Norm would put anything fictional in his memoir and, if so, what it would be. Perhaps, it would be that perfect joke he has been seeking where the set-up and punchline are one in the same?