As Nielsen Expands Scope of TV Ratings, a David Cross Movie Will Be Released on Vine

The Nielsen Company, in an attempt to more accurately represent viewership of TV shows with the current advent of the Internet and home/mobile devices, has agreed to expand the scope of their reported TV ratings to include Netflix, Amazon Instant, Xbox, Playstation, and the iPad. This is in addition to their Nielsen Twitter rating.

However, it was announced last month that the movie It’s A Disaster starring David Cross (it has a great trailer if you haven’t seen it already) from Oscilloscope will be put on the new 6 second video Twitter based app Vine.

We’re not exactly sure how all of this will play out or how much growing pains we’ll go through, but the once very segmented realms of movies, television, and the Internet are melding together, which is good, we believe, in the long run.