Please Get and Enjoy Nick Youssef’s Latest, “White Hot Fire 3: Into the Gray”


The idea of recording an hour of comedy has greatly evolved over last handful of years, whether it be a special or an album. Nick Youssef has opted to take a more personal, more raw take on it by recording and releasing material more frequently at ease in the form of EPs under the title “White Hot Fire”.

White Hot Fire 3: Into the Gray represents the third in this series that really has a feel of a comedy bootleg, so to speak. As such, you get a real satisfyingly gritty performance full of asides and riffs and crowd work to the point where you kind of feel immersed in Youssef’s detailed, colorful observations. Also, Nick gets real into the thick of his own psyche, warts and all, and digs up some real gems. On top of all of that, Nick is so good, as always, at weaving together his material pretty seamlessly that makes the record run so smoothly. 

White Hot Fire 3: Into the Gray dropped this week and is available on Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever you listen to comedy albums.