Netflix Has Just Passed 50 Million Subscribers From a Lot of Your Binge Watching

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Whether it be watching something like Arrested Development, Netflix stand-up specials, Orange Is The New Black, etc. the subscribers of Netflix have grown in number all the way past 50 million. That’s 1.69 million subscribers added worldwide from the second quarter of this year alone. 

In contrast, Nielsen reported recently that there are currently an estimated 115.6 TV households in the U.S., which comes out to a 1.2% rise from the last TV season.

While it seems unfair to compare worldwide Netflix subscribers to U.S. TV households, these numbers also don’t account for Hulu Plus subscribers, people watching HBO GO even with an HBO subscription, Amazon Instant, and more (i.e. the aggregate viewership of online streaming networks).

So, we wouldn’t be surprised to see, a few years down the road if Netflix commanded the viewership and produced the amount of content that a network does year round, which would be probably pretty great for comedy series/specials/movies/talk shows.