NBC’s New Comedy Subscription Service, Seeso, Might Just Be The Shot in the Arm That NBC Comedy Needed

(via Deadline)

For $3.99 a month, it looks like you’ll be getting quite a lot.

Starting in January, NBC will be officially launching Seeso, which will not only offer ad free access to all seasons of The Office, Parks and Recreation, Kids in the Hall, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, The Mighty Boosh, SNL, and more, but also feature boat loads of new content and shows exclusive to Seeso.

Starting off with 20 new series from the likes of Dan Harmon, Amy Poelher/Ian Roberts/Matt Walsh/Matt Besser, Scott Aukerman, Cameron Esposito/Rhea Butcher, Wyatt Cenac, Tom Lennon, Ben Garant, Kulap Vilaysack, Jonah Ray, they’ll feature anything from scripted sitcoms, live stand-up, travel shows with a comedian, reality show parodies, and more.

It would almost seem that the whole of all of this represents the comedy that has been missing from NBC’s line-up for awhile.

They’ll also be bringing a curated collection of movies and series into the Seeso fold as well. 

Sound good? Good. Well, make sure you start saving $3.99 a month after Christmas then.