The Nathan For You Season 4 Trailer Shows Nathan Somehow Thinking Even Further Outside the Box

For many of you, this is a moment (well, the first in a series of moments related to Nathan For You) you’ve been waiting for. 

The trailer for the fourth season of Nathan For You is here and, boy oh boy, does it look to be a doozy. Taking on Uber, going a quest with a Bill Gates impersonator, a check-up on past “clients” in a hour long special, and a “blues smoke detector” are all just a bit of what’s to come in what we’re guessing will be Nathan Fielder’s most ambitious season of his show/socio-cultural comedic art experiment yet.

Season 4 of Nathan For You premieres on Thursday, September 28 and the hour long special “Nathan For You: A Celebration” premieres a week before, on Thursday, September 21st on Comedy Central.