Nacho Vigalondo’s Next Film Is “Colossal” with Anne Hathaway, Which Is Described as “Godzilla” Meets “Being John Malkovich”

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

While that seems like two films pulled out of a hat to mash-up, Nacho Vigalondo is one of only a few directors that could make this project seem like it was meant to be.

Frequently one for the fantastical and darker sides of humor (check out this short from a couple of years ago), Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo has taken on quite the film in Colossal, which has been cited as somewhere between Adaptation, Transformers, Godzilla, and Being John Malkovich

Anne Hathaway plays a seemingly normal woman who befalls misfortune then finds out that her life is connected to the destruction of a giant lizard thousands and thousands of miles away. 

While this is sure to cross plenty of genres, we’re confident that this will be worth checking out as soon as it’s on a screen near you.