Pick of the Day: Murderfist (in LA) 9/23

One score ago, a rag tag crew of FSU students banded together to take their college party hijinks and antics and honed it into the no holds barred comedy sketch lore gifted to us mere mortals by those that shall be known as Murderfist.

Yes, John Moreno, Walter Replogle, Holden McNeely, Henry Zebrowski, Jackie Zebrowski, Amber Nelson, Ed Larson, Jared Warner, Kelan Maloney and Adam Wirtz together made something of the most absurd, satirical, hard hitting sketch comedy that has ever been under the moniker of Murderfist. You can watch their stuff of legend here and read an oral history of their exploits (albeit from 10 years ago) from Paste Magazine here.

The group is coming upon 20 years since their creation and the venerable members of Murderfist, all individually successful in their own right, are reuniting once more for what should be a show for the comedy history books. Come Sat. Sept. 23rd at 10PM, Murderfist will take over one of LA comedy’s classiest venues, Dynasty Typewriter, with their hysterically dark comedy (perhaps, some of the darkest in all of sketch comedy?).

Tickets are only $20 for such a momentous event and you really better snag tickets now right here.