MTV Trying a Late Night Talk Show Again with “Middle of the Night Show”

College Humor’s Big Breakfast is developing MTV’s latest late night talk show that will trade a sound stage and audience for a bedroom.

The Middle of the Night Show makes its twist on the late night talk show format by getting rid of desk, couches, sound stage, audience, etc. and, instead, goes to the bedroom of guests while they are sleeping and waking them up to have them host a show from their home.

It seems like some sort of cross between this Rihanna prank on Jimmy Kimmel and The Late Late Show episode where Corden did an entire episode in someone’s house and Matt Oswalt’s Pre Dawn Show

College Humor’s Brian Murphy will co-host as they’re trying to catch celebrities in the middle of their REM cycles and need someone to guide the show along.

Supposedly, the celebrity host that will be woken up to do the show will have no prior warning as to exactly when the crew will come in. If that’s true, we’d imagine that there would be a few episodes where the crew and Brian will set off an alarm.