MST3K Is Going Back on the Road with The Great Cheesy Movie Circus Tour

Yes, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the granddaddy of all movie riffing, is going back out on tour with two new movies to rip apart, Circus of Horrors and No, Retreat, No Surrender. MST3K creator/heart and soul Joel Hodgson will be hosting (and, take note, this will be his last tour hosting).

They’re aiming to go to more cities than ever before including: Brooklyn, Kalamazoo, Indianapolis, Boston, Richmond, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Detroit, Dallas, Memphis, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Spokane, Portland, San Jose, San Diego, Denver, Omaha, San Antonio, Madison, Minneapolis, and more.

Tickets are on sale now (and more shows might get added as they go along). So, get tickets and keep a close eye on new dates here.