NBC Schedules “Mr. Robinson” and “The Carmichael Show” For Aug. 5th Premiere

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

So, both Craig Robinson’s Mr. Robinson and Jerrod Carmichael’s The Carmichael Show could be the next big wave of comedy at NBC.

At the crossroads of Parks and Recreation ending, nixing Must See TV, selling Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to Netflix, and One Big Happy not getting off to a hot start, NBC is trying hard to figure their next move with comedies. 

There are plenty of pilots on the development slate, but they’ve got two series that have been stuck in their pocket, in one way or another, for awhile now. 

So, at 9PM on Aug. 5th, Mr. Robinson and The Carmichael Show will have their series premiere and then have the potential to be the next thing that the peacock was looking for in their comedy department. 

We’ll have to wait more than a few months to see.