Most Likely To Murder, a Raunchy Modern Screwball Comedy Thriller, Out Now on Digital Platforms, VOD, and DVD


Though you may have not known that you’d want some sort of cross between Rear Window and an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (with a sprinkling of Young Adult on top), it’s what indie comedy Most Likely To Murder so deliciously serves up for you to enjoy.

It’s a unique murder mystery as it’s so laugh-out-loud funny throughout, but also so engrossing to follow and enjoy Adam Pally as a very, very amateur sleuth and getting his comeuppance at almost every turn. A great supporting cast in Rachel Bloom, Doug Mand (Most Likely to Murder’s co-writer), and Vincent Kartheiser play off of Pally’s disgraced former HS king come home so well from so many different angles. Also, props to co-writer/director Dan Gregor for oh so slightly toeing the line between having a plethora of physical comedy set pieces and just enough thriller elements to keep the audiences on its toes.

You can now get Most Likely to Murder digitally, on demand, or on DVD, which we highly recommend, here.