Moses Storm Pulled Off The First Ever All Phone Screening For Premiere of “#MODERNMILLENNIAL”

photos by Sela Shiloni

We were there and we all did pull out our phones at Moses’ request to watch a short film while seated at a movie theater.

Postmodern prankster, comedian, and actor Moses Storm pulled quite the appropriate stunt last week for the premiere of his documentary short film #MODERNMILLENNIAL that satirizes social media, crowdfunding, and the culture that has grown from it.

Last Wednesday, Storm packed in a capacity crowd at The Downtown Independent in Downtown LA that were all totally thinking they were going to watch the premiere on the big screen. After playing the trailer, a YouTube URL appeared and Moses announced that the film could only be watched on our phones via the YouTube link projected on the screen. 

Taking every precaution, Moses offered headphones, WiFi passwords, chargers for every sort of phone, and spare phones with those that only have a flip phone or no phone at all. For one time, it was kind of great that everyone had their phones out at a movie theater.

It made for a great, immersive experience that was probably the perfect way to watch a film that focuses on the absurdities of everything that’s connected to being a millennial. See more pictures and see that we’re not trying to pull your leg here.

Also, the documentary short itself was pretty great and we’ll let you know when and where you can watch it as soon as we can.