Morning Debriefing 8/10/11

1) Lopez Tonight will air it’s last episode on Thursday, which is incredibly unfortunate considering comedians like James Adomian and Brent Weinbach their late night TV debuts. Don’t miss an appearance tonight with David Koechner and tomorrow night in the final episode as Auggie Smith is scheduled to do a stand-up set (TBS 12AM).

2) Brody Stevens/@allthingsbrody was REALLY arrested outside of a Starbucks, but is now released. Whatever your opinion of Brody is, reading his Twitter feed is a must.

3) Hampton Yount is absolutely hilarious. No set up required here, just watch.

4) Steve Carell feels out what it would be like to be on Conan while being on Conan.

5) Reportedly, Bill Burr dropped in at Big Fish last night, a room known for people heckling you because he’s working on a set. If you’re a comedian in LA (or NY), think about that the next time you question why you’re wasting hours of your time waiting to go up at a room that you’re not a big fan of.

6) TONIGHT ON LATE NIGHT TV: Tig Notaro will on be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC 12:35AM) and Aziz Ansari will be on Conan (TBS 11PM)

7) Doug Stanhope’s episode of Louie will air tomorrow, which will be interesting considering Stanhope has said that Louis C.K. cast him in a role where Stanhope can just be himself (FX 10:30PM).

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11) Check another tally mark for getting a hug after a set because apparently I needed one.  I must be doing this all wrong.  Fuck.

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