Morning Debriefing 6/29/11

1) Last night, I went to the “scene” open mic in Portland at Suki’s and immediately thought, “Man, I wish I started comedy in Portland.”  Ironically enough, as I’m dropping in from LA, the entire Portland comedy scene, which apparently was in attendance, was saying good bye to one of their heroes Richard Bain, who is coming down to LA.  From the greenest-of-the-green-newbies to mainstays and respected figures in Portland comedy, everyone was there in support of Bain.  

LA is so huge, just physically, and many comedians are so incredibly busy with their own act, sketch group that has to put a video out weekly, podcast that records whenever it gets a chance, show or two that they have to produce and promote, that the whole comedy scene in LA could never be in full attendance of anything.  Yet, seeing even more camaraderie in comedy than the pockets of it that exist in LA would not only intrinsically make for better comedy, but would further dispel that image that LA’s a soul sucking town.  

So, yes, I’m saying that if you’re a comedian in LA, go see a show that you’re not on or go support another comedian without trying to get booked. 

2) Congratulations to Nick Kroll on getting the Nick Show Kroll picked up and Peter Atencio being attached to the Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele Project all for Comedy Central.  Also, congrats to Comedy Central for making some solid picks for this season. [via Deadline

3) Louis CK on The Daily Show getting Jon Stewart to beg him to stop.  Fox News, are you taking notes?

The Daily Show – Louis C.K.
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4) Hannibal Buress on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

5) Continuing a great run of comedy on late night TV this week, Jon Dore’s on Conan TBS 11PM. Watch, record, or do whatever you got to do to see it.

6) Speaking of Conan, James Adomian on one of his last days before going to NY was John Wayne in this sketch last night.  Speaking of Adomian leaving, you better be at Meltdown tonight to catch him before he leaves.

7) Neil Hamburger Helper Cards? Yes, please. [via EightyFourFilms]

8) Behind the scenes of the Long Shot Podcast, SuperEgo, and the Never Not Funny Podcast with Christine E. Taylor.

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Greg Proops: Smartest Man in the World LIVE @ Bar Lubitsch 7PM FREE
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Andrés Du Bouchet Center for the Performing Arts @ The Bootleg Theater 8PM $8
Meltdown @ Nerdist Theater (back room of Meltdown Comics) 8:30PM $8
The Ed Galvez Punk House @ Westside Comedy Theater 9PM $8
Respect the Danger of Knives Presents @ Jake’s 9PM FREE
Facebook @ UCB Theatre 9:30PM $5 (stand by only)
Beer in the Shower @ Dreams Cafe & Bar 9:30PM FREE 

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CAFE MUSE 6547 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, CA/Sign-up (lottery) 8PM 
LIBRARY A COFFEE HOUSE 3418 Broadway, Long Beach, CA/Sign-up 8PM/Starts 8:30PM  

12) According to this article on Megan Amram on, we are a “Los Angeles based resource for professional comedians.”  Anyone disagree?  Are we more? Did you even read this far down?  If you did, thank you.  Also, follow @meganamram if you’re not already.  She’s amazing.

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