Morning Debriefing 4/24/12

1) The DVDs for Paul F. Tompkins Laboring Under Delusions AND Patton Oswalt’s Finest Hour are now available for puchase. Also, some interesting facts about the hours of podcast time recorded by Tompkins and where human history could have gone…

onetinyhand:  paul f. tompkins.

2) Comedian Randy Kagan was attacked during a set at the Melrose Improv. People still forget that they’re watching comedy at a comedy club, we guess. Also, the linked clip doesn’t feel like the whole story…

3) Tonight on late night:
Amy Poehler on The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS 11:35PM)
Jack Black on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC 11:35PM)

Last night on late night:
Erin Foley on Conan 

4) Comedy Central’s first episode of the The Half Hour on June 8th is Joe Mande.

5) Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Morgan Spurlock explore what is means to be a man today with the new documentary Mansome.

6) The cast of the Office is ready for more

7) Interviews on comedy:
Kyle Kinane in Serial Optimist
Anna Chlumsky (Veep, In the Loop) in New York Magazine

8) Looks like eHarmony is a worthy Twitter opponent for Rob Delaney

9) Comedy abroad-ish:
Conan is coming to Chicago in June

10) Portlandia got its own craft beer.

11) Hopefully, there will be a day, not too far off from now, where people will find a way to see comedy as hard as comedians find a way to do comedy.

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