Morning Debriefing 4/1/12

1) Buzzfeed is on an April Fool’s Watch for what sites are doing to “commemorate” today…

2) However, they have seemed to have forgotten about Funny or Die hacking Charlize Theron’s phone and getting her kinky sex tape

3) Channel 101 Results! (insert bracketology joke here)

JD! (Taken with instagram)


4) Congratulations to Adam Yenser for emerging as the 2012 LA March Comedy Madness Champ.

5) Paul F. Tompkins has not said otherwise, so make sure, if you’re watching Game of Thrones, to follow @pftompkins as he’ll be live-tweeting the season premiere tonight.

6) “Let’s all fall in love with Aubrey Plaza again when Safety Not Guaranteed comes out.” That’s what we thought when saw the Safety Not Guaranteed trailer this week.

7) Assuring that it’s not a prank as it will be on April 2nd and not the 1st, the Nerdist Channel on YouTube will launch tomorrow.

8) In honor of April Fool’s Day, The NY Post compiled over 100 comedians favorites jokes

9) Whether you’ve watched Dr. Who or not, Peter Serafinowicz found a great Dalek relaxation tape

10) There will be a year that the Mega Millions lottery will fall on April 1st, which they should really take advantage of.

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