Morning Debriefing 4/10/12

1) Mexico gets an American Comedy Festival-Stand-Up Records presents The Akumal Comedy Festival Apr. 19th-Apr. 21st.

akumal standin

2) Check the Spit Take’s John Wenzel give the perfected, laid back, sardonic wit of Jim Gaffigan props on his upcoming web special, Mr. Universe.

3) The legendary Emo Phillips will be voicing a character tonight on Adventure Time (Cartoon Network 7:30PM)

4) Forget all that noise about Coachella. We say it’s all about Bridgetown this weekend on HAHAJK.

5) Christian Finnegan is a wonderful new contributor to Tom Scharpling’s Low Times blog as evidenced by his discovery of musicians’ free writing

6) Tim Minchin on Conan.

7) Why embarrass yourself on People’s Court when you can do it for Jon Hodgman?

8) Hey NYC! Ron Lynch is in town. Please go watch his comedic brilliance

9) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone can’t believe what those darndest [insert racial epithets] haven’t watched…

10) No matter how much we bitch as comedians about corporations and their control over the general public, Starbucks Free Wi-Fi is pretty handy.

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