Morning Debriefing 3/2/12


1) Nick Lowe’s newest music video has so many comedy folks in it (Marc Maron, Tim Heidecker, Maria Thayer, Andres DuBouchet, Brian Stack, and more) that you almost forget the song.

2) Jim Henson Co. enlisted by the BBC for a chat show? Yes.

3) Last night on late night, Megan Mullally revealed how Nick Offerman throws a surprise birthday party on Conan and Ted Alexandro did a tight 5 min. on Letterman.

4) One of our favorite web series, Anne, Frankly, is back! (Yes, it’s the anachronistic vlog of Anne Frank starring Jamie Lee)

5) Steve Heisler gave us all a reasonable warning of how we’re nearing comedy podcast over saturation for the AV Club.


6) Sara Schaefer and Nikki Glaser get written up in the NY Times Magazine!

7) Just in case you haven’t heard Dave Foley’s WTF podcast episode, here he is on CNN Comedy explaining why he has to do comedy non-stop.

8) Win tickets to Anna David’s True Tales of Lust and Love by telling us if you’re lonelier than crying in public.

9) If only we all could eat bananas like Jesse Case does

10) You know that you can truly appreciate comedy when you know exactly where the joke is going and still laugh, even if you’re laughing alone.

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