Morning Debriefing 3/14/12

1) Mark Twain Prize for Humor Winner Will Ferrell “spoke” Spanish on Kimmel to the offense of his Casa De Mi Padre co-star Diego Luna, then claimed to not speak Spanish on the Daily Show while wearing a baseball helmet just because it was there.

2) Your favorite shows are coming back assuming that you wanted Portlandia to go for a 3rd season and you wanted Eagleheart to come back on Apr. 12th on Adult Swim. Those of you who wanted Apr. 11th, we’re sorry.

3) Day 3 of SXSW comedy…

4) Kristin Schaal proved last night on the Daily Show that you can call women a whole slew of pejorative terms and make it hilarious.

5) Kyle Kinane’s Death of the Party will be released on vinyl, just as it was intended to be.

Available soon from Stand Up! records. Also, I just blew out my calendar. SLC, Philly, Des Moines, Peoria, Portland, and some old favorites. 

6) Ask the funny Amber Tozer a question. Not only will she answer, but it’ll be at Laughspin.

7) Dave Child is a funny comedian who, along with some funny friends of his, will do sketches that are tweeted @Sketch_A_Tweet. You should do this

8) Key & Peele got on NPR.

9) We wrote a little something on Woody Allen having the idea for Midnight in Paris, perhaps, almost 50 years ago for the Nerdist.

10) Comedians make so fun of so many ads that there has to be a few that write ad copy that’s so wrong or abstract or ineffective just so they can write a decent joke about it.

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