Morning Debriefing 3/12/12

1) If you needed a visual of what a day in the life of Marc Maron is like aside from what he describes on WTF, watch it right now on Hulu.

2) SXSW comedy round-up:
Huffington Post Comedy Day 1 Recap
Laughspin Day 1 Recap
Austin Chronicle recommendations of what to see
Kumail Nanjiani answered a fun questionnaire
Funny or Die, College Humor, UCB, and more PRESENT This Is A Comedy Show (with some of our favorite performers that the rest of the country perhaps had not heard of) 
And this happened… 

3) The funny Jake Fogelnest of the oft-reblogged is moving to LA!

4) BBC is trying a quiz show here in the U.S. with Lewis Black. That sounds like fun.

5) Tonight on late night, Will Ferrell will be on the Late Show with David Letterman (CBS 11:35PM)

6) Reggie Watts got called in by Kid Ikarus for, apparently, nothing(?)

7) South Park comes back this week

8) Parks and Recreation’s fictional Leslie Knope got real life support

9) In you can submit to these short film festivals news, try the Palm Springs International Shortfest and the San Francisco International Festival of Short Films.

10) Dave Horwitz “does” a card trick

11) Yes, I do feel a little ridiculous recording a podcast outside of Meltdown while they are recording a podcast and commenting on it during my podcast.

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