Morning Debriefing 3/11/12

1) Wonder what’s happening with comedy at SXSW? There’s a record of all of it on their official blog.

2) Speaking of which, a comedy panel at SXSW had a fascinating conversation on how most comedy leans towards the left politically

3) Sadly, after almost a decade of great DIYLCIYOH (Do It Yourself Live Comedy In Your Own House) the Comedy Car Hole has ended, leaving very few DIYLCIYOH’ers in Los Angeles. Perhaps, the upcoming Don’t Tell The Neighbors along with the already popular Long Way Down will fill help fill this increasing DIYLCIYOH void.

4) One of our favorite web series, Danger 5, has now made it to the air in Australia. For bizarrely hilarious it is (i.e. Nazi dinosaurs, etc.), let’s please bring it Stateside however that is supposed to work.

5) If you enjoyed @BretEastonEllis ranting on Twitter yesterday, you should check out comedian Steve Schneider’s feed @stvschndr. It’ll probably top whatever you were going to read this Sun. afternoon.

6) The hilarious Andrés du Bouchet (his album Naked Trampoline Hamlet was one of favorites from last year) has joined in on the Tumblr game. Plenty of silliness and absurdity is sure to abound here.

7) Jeremy Paul’s 8th Naked Declarative Statement. (Disclaimer: This is not a web series at all dealing with grammar.)

8) As we all should do twice a year (or perhaps more for sheer nostalgia’s sake), let us hear Paul F. Tompkins call plenty of us lazy for whining about Daylight Savings Time.

9) I sincerely hope the integration of races and ethnicities accelerates exponentially from this point on so I can stop hearing stupid bits of comedy that might go “You’ll always see an Asian do this and a black guy never do this…” forever.

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