Morning Debriefing 3/10/12

1) Let’s all thank Greta Van Susteren for not understanding comedy/not listening and whining about Louis CK being the host of the RTCA dinner in D.C. to where CK has withdrawn from his hosting duties. We’re pretty sure that she probably thinks Louis CK was completely serious when making this mini doc on the Catholic Church.

2) Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me got acquired by IFC Films!

Sleepwalk With Me

3) You can watch the Comedy Bang Bang extended preview now. Also, we totally called it on the .gifs being made immediately.

4) The one and only James Adomian is recording in album in Portland at Helium on April 11th. Do not miss this.

5) There is more of a push to get the “r-word”, which will an enormous majority will still always call “retarded”, banned, which must be their way of getting all of comedy to say retarded way more in the next several months.

6) At Gallery 1988 Melrose, the Is This Thing On? 2 (art inspired by comedy) exhibition is now on display.

7) Apparently, Bret Easton Ellis is taking suggestions for a sequel to American Psycho on Twitter and it’s hilarious.

8) The very funny Andy Sanford gives a great explanation as to why there shouldn’t be a “truth vs. clever” debate in comedy.

9) Peter Atencio gave us a look what a hard day on season 2 of Key & Peele is like…

10) Comedian Occupational Hazard #126: You might develop an irregular tendency to tell “positive thinking” people to go fuck themselves.

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