Morning Debriefing 2/5/12

1) The NY Giants mistakenly updated that they are Super Bowl Champions. Can we all not tweet during the Super Bowl because that’s clearly the funniest thing that will happen today?

2) The NY Times Magazine, apparently, has a co-dependent relationship of sorts with comedy podcasts.

3) You might have heard that Hannibal Buress got in a car accident, but has said, “Thanks for the kind wishes everyone. This was my first hospital visit in about 6 years. My shit is legit smashed up but I’ll be fine.”  Even with a big scar on his face, Hannibal has such a great sense of humor that Chelsea Peretti can run jokes about the whole ordeal via text.

4) Sarah Chalke is moving on up to get top billing in new ABC comedy pilot.

5) In case you haven’t heard, one of the alternative comedy shows in LA back when “alternative comedy” wasn’t such a divisive label, Uncabaret, is back every Sunday.

6) The Humordour chatted with Kurt Braunohler, and, well… found out what happens when you ask Kurt leading questions and more.

7) People getting arrested for trying to be funny is still a thing in 2012. Wow.

8) …and now for a comedy history lesson about alt comedy in San Francisco when Patton Oswalt and his class were coming up by Dan Dion.

9) Prediction: #MoreExcitingThanTheSuperBowl will be a trending topic on Twitter later today. Also, I imagine some comic will start #FuckThePuppyBowl.

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