Morning Debriefing 2/13/12

1) Louis CK was cooking at home when he found out that he won the Grammy for Best Comedy Album and Trey Parker accepted his Grammy for Book of Mormon in a much different fashion.

2) Umm, you do know that Conan O’Brien was the guest on the most recent episode of the Nerdist podcast, right?

3) Tonight on late night, comedy legend Carol Burnett will continue making the late night rounds by stopping by Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS 12:35AM)

4) As far as who was the funniest on Twitter last night during the Grammys, Hannibal Buress far outshone everyone with his #fakegrammytweets.

5) The Lavender Hour Podcast, unfortunately, will be no more (there’ll be one more episode) as Duncan Trussell and Natasha Leggero have split, but Duncan has already started anew with the Duncan Trussell Family Hour (he might call it something else) podcast.

6) Wow. From this trailer, Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter sure doesn’t seem like an alternative history action comedy like it should be. Is this another case of marketing teams second-guessing potential audiences or is this more the director of Wanted wanting “curving bullets” type action?

7) Ben Stiller’s project, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, gets better every week as they’ve just added Adam Scott.

8) Matt Knudsen tries to get his headshot framed and hung at a dry cleaner’s because it’s a Hollywood tradition.

9) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone shows were true crime reality shows are headed.

10) The time is coming very soon where a majority of people will not get Star Wars based humor.

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