Morning Debriefing 1/29/12

1) At the Sundance Film Festival Jury Awards, Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me walked aways with the Best of NEXT Audience Award and Derek Conolly, writer of Safety Not Guaranteed with Aubrey Plaza, Kristen Bell, and more walked away with the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award

2) In other comedy recognition news, Curb Your Enthusiasm was awarded Best Comedy Series at the DGA Awards.

3) In other other comedy recognition news, here are the results for the Channel 101 January Screening. Congrats to Intimate Indiscretions keeping “sexy back”, if that makes any sense.

4) Comic faces jail if he jokes about dad/Why not to do comedy in Malawi if your dad is a high ranking member of the Malawi government…

5) Now that Riot LA is at $20,847 of their $20,000 on their Kickstarter and will happen, it asks “@RiotLA Alright! What/who do you guys wanna see at this thing?” Let’s start with Eddie & Freddie Pepitone and go from there.

6) Robin Williams did Set List at SF Sketchfest and there’s proof! Yes, that’s Robin Williams doing improvised stand-up. We’ll try to find a clip of this if one arises.

7) Doug Stanhope was interviewed by Esquire Magazine and there’s no link to it online, so Stanhope took a picture of it and posted it.

8) I came to the realization last night that people yelling at bill collectors on the phone is pretty much white noise at an open mic.

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