Morning Debriefing 1/20/12

1) Yep, that’s David Cross on Cat Soup on the Soup. 

2) On late night tonight, the one and only Joan Rivers will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC 12:35AM).

3) Nice “semi-longreads”: Jen Kirkman“What I Would Have Said About Eddie Brill on NPR” Steve Heisler on Dane Cook and comedy criticism, and Alison Agosti “The Art of Getting Really Dumped”.

4) So the discourse in comedy on what demographic is or isn’t funny has been completely misguided as, clearly, people, in general, aren’t funny as we explain in this persuasive essay on the Nerdist. However, Barbara Gray is funny as written up in the SF Weekly.

5) Improv Everywhere has less than 10 hours to meet their goal for their documentary DVD. Make this happen

6) Also, Riot LA, having $14,866 of $20,000 just put out a new promo video with Todd Glass and Marc Maron…. and why are you not donating right now?

7) So there was a joke theivery dispute on People’s Court

8) KCET Food just knows where food and comedy intersect in LA by continuing their where comedians eat series with Matt Braunger at Izakaya Honda-ya.

9) This is what should be studied in poetry classes: Elizabeth Laime’s Poem of the Day

Poem of the day

10) On today’s Puddin’, Eddie Pepitone finds a way out of this life via ¡Rob!.

11) TJ Miller killed at the Super Serious Show last night riffing on the trippy lighting. Look at that: we just pointed out a reason to go see live comedy. I wish more people would do the same more often.

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